Dreamscape have far exceeded our expectations. Orders have increased significantly.

Our approach

Better Equipped supply science equipment to educational establishments, companies and private individuals across the UK and Ireland.

Since their founding in 2008, the business had organically grown through their reputation for efficient pricing and best in class customer service, however, on-line sales where not matching this performance.

In 2013 Better Equipped sent us (and two other digital agencies) a brief that specifically asked for a minimum of 50% growth in online sales and a platform of future accelerated growth.

As a relatively small and hungry agency, actively seeking long term partnerships with our clients, our positive results based approach and diligent response to their brief won the account.

We started their journey to growth, by delivering a comprehensive technical solution that not only achieved the primary objective of sales growth, but one that also increased operational performance.

Integrating back office stock management and accounting processes, their website quickly became the centre piece for all trading. In addition, we also increased sales channels by offering direct to Amazon and eBay marketplaces through their website.

We also implemented an ongoing search marketing strategy that drastically increased their visibility and sales from organic search on Google.

  • Within 12 months we had helped Better Equipped to increase on-line sales by 100%.

  • Within 24 months their on-line sales had increased over 400%.

Better Equipped


  • 100% growth in revenue and transactions within first 12 months

  • 400% growth in revenue and transactions over 2 years

  • 280% growth in visitors to the website

  • 250% increase in visitors from organic search

  • A rise of over 2000 places in Google search engine rankings

  • ROI within less than 4 months

"Dreamscape have far exceeded our expectations. Whilst orders have increased significantly, they have also helped minimise the administration burden. Through multi-system integrations they have enabled automations far beyond what we hoped was achievable. We can now sell on our website, Ebay and Amazon from one single management console."

Helen Mackenzie, Director, Better Equipped Educational Supplies Ltd 


sales growth in 12 months


sales growth in 24 months


increase in visitors


rise in search rankings

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