With their guidance and support we have consolidated over 30 websites into one digital platform

Our approach

Curtiss-Wright were looking for a digital marketing partner to help consolidate their global brand portfolio, following an extensive mergers and acquisition campaign.

Requiring an extensible, multi-lingual, web publication solution to consolidate marketing resources, we recommended the deployment of Kentico.

Combining the Valve Group, Industrial Group and the EST Group, we helped Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division to consolidate thousands of product lines into one consistent and unified digital publication platform.

As well as the initial project deployment, we have also implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to minimise brand blurring and transitional success, whilst increasing their international market share in existing and emerging regions.

The end result is that global management teams across multiple organisational charts, are able to control sales and marketing collateral around the clock in a price efficient manner and in a unified presentation style.



  • 75% reduction in administrative costs

  • 60% reduction in marketing costs

  • 20% increase in global brand presence

  • 15% increase in EU traffic

  • 17% increase in traffic from Asia

  • 14% increase in traffic from the Americas

  • 62% increase in traffic to key product lines

"Our completely redesigned internet presence highlights the Industrial Division’s full breadth of products and capabilities and, for the first time, provides a single location and cohesive overview that we expect will deliver a positive and user-friendly experience for all visitors. The new website will enhance the image of the Curtiss-Wright Industrial division to existing customers and serve to attract many new ones to its businesses."

Kevin Rayment, Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division Senior Vice President & General Manager



rise in search rankings


increase in global traffic


increase in traffic to key products


reduction in cost

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