A great marketing company to work with. Friendly, proactive and focused on our success

Our approach

After being acquired by the Freight Transport Association in July 2016, Tachodisc were searching for a marketing partner to help grow their online sales by 25%.

After an initial audit of Tachodisc's marketing processes and technical systems, we presented a comprehensive marketing plan that aimed to achieve their target in less than 12 months. 

The plan involved a complete overhaul of Tachodisc's sales platform and the implementation of a credible and diligent buyer engagement strategy.

Transferring to the Kentico EMS platform enabled Tachodisc to automatically profile buyers and engage them on an individual and personal basis.

Using Kentico's advanced marketing features, we were able to deploy a range of marketing automations and transactional experience enhancements that other systems simply can not offer.

This buyer engagement strategy, coupled with an ongoing brand visibility campaign meant that Tachodisc were able to gain more customers and maximise the opportunity each prospect represented.



The net effect of our marketing services is a +40% increase in online sales within 12 months.

With plans to deliver a digital trade account functionality for their website in the coming months, we are continuing to support and deliver their commercial growth.

"A really great marketing company to work with. Friendly proactive and focused on our success. They have supplied a powerful, yet easy to use website that enables us to engage with our customers and handle more orders."

Anne Polsen, Shop Manager. Tachodisc Ltd


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increase in number of sales


increase in revenue from sales

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