International Women's Day at Dreamscape Solutions - Kerri

Being an ambitious 23-year-old female comes with its challenges but some great perks!

“Millennials - a great asset to your company or, a great pain in the ass? Most companies look at younger adults as a great asset to their company, now more than ever. However, there are still a few people who doubt your abilities due to lack of experience and that also comes with the presumption that you are lazy and entitled. This makes proving them wrong so much more fun!

Being 23 is a challenging age. Some people know what they want to do with their lives and some still don't have a clue. As an ambitious person, I've always known what I want from my career and I'm determined to get it.

I don't really live a life of a normal 23-year-old either. My mum is about to move to another country which will break my heart, I drive 100-mile round trip to visit my grandad every weekend, I am never late to work and I'm trusted to manage my own client accounts. I somehow also find the energy to go to the gym most evenings and train for a half marathon, my energy is definitely one of the upsides to being young!

Most young people will probably agree that when starting out in a career some days are more challenging than others. You are finding your place in the industry, perfecting a craft, learning as much as you possibly can whilst also ensuring you always meet my managers and clients expectations - #NoPressure

I'd consider myself very lucky to work for Dreamscape, I am a very ambitious, passionate and result-driven individual. Dreamscape has always allowed and encouraged me to thrive, our shared goal for achieving consistent results aligns perfectly and we are always looking to achieve more growth for our customers.

I am proud to say that under my control one of our customers is already receiving a 96% increase in sales from their pay per click campaign alone and that isn't the only one.

My advice to all young professionals starting out in a career would be: take all of the training you can get there's always more than you can learn and on a bad day, dust yourself off and start again.

About the author

Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington

Digital Marketing Executive

As Dreamscape's digital marketing executive Kerri maximises her client's profits by developing creative and engaging results-driven marketing strategies.

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