PPC Campaign Triples Companies Sales

We were approached by a North-West based utility business at the start of the year to work with them to generate a daily lead feed for their sales team from Google advertising.

The company on average received 30 - 40 leads per month and were looking for quick improvements to get this number to around 75 per month. The team reviewed their current paid account and were able to make quick fixes by simply turning off ads that cost a lot of money yet didn't convert. Why people keep these campaigns running will never be understood by us, if it's not making you money, improve it or stop it – immediately.

We completed our own keyword research to find more relevant terms for higher conversion rates and organised and structured the account to allow us to have greater ability and flexibility with the bidding and ad scheduling.

The majority of our time has been put into optimising the adverts and the ad extensions, fine tuning them to get them converting as best as they can within budget. (Ad Extensions are the parts of a Google advert that shows up in addition to the ad text eg phone number, location, unique selling points like Next Day Delivery)

We have seen some fantastic results with this campaign! Already we are smashing the 75 leads p/month target as we are generating on average 94 leads with some bumper months driving 152 leads!

Starting out at a £45 cost per lead we are proud to have worked hard to consistently half this figure for the customer, reducing their overall spend.

Key Results | May – June 2019

  • +49% increase in leads
  • -13% reduction in cost per conversion

We are pleased to report the business we are working with is now hiring 2 new sales people in order to handle the amount of quality leads being generated.

With even more growth plans in the pipeline we are excited to be part of a growing ambitious company.

If you would like to find out what PPC leads we could generate for your business just contact our marketing team directly on marketing@dreamscape.solutions or call 01925 755 960 and ask for Adam.

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Danielle Barrett

Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations

Danielle is our Head of Operations. Her role is to ensure optimal delivery of all products and services, paying special attention to value, quality, punctuality and of course, customer satisfaction.

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