Paid Advertising Strategy Boosts Online Sales

A customer of ours for over 4 years, a local golf buggy specialist who sell just one type of golf buggy tasked us to help them to reduce admin time and generate more sales online. 

The company needed to sell 75 - 85 golf buggy's per year, as a niche product they wanted their website to generate a around a 80/20 split of lead generation/direct sales. 

We started with a small Google advertising campaign that was successful in terms of generating sales at the target cost-per-sale, but many of the customers were still being driven towards calling to complete their purchase.

 To assist in reducing the number of calls we created a re-marketing campaign to target people who put the product in their basket but didn't buy it, and the people who had looked at the product page but hadn't chosen to do anything else.

In addition to this we also created a display campaign based on a specific audience containing shoppers who downloaded the brochure, purchased the product, or put the product in their basket without purchasing. We produced multiple engaging adverts that were then shown to anyone who was similar to our audience and showed an interest in golf.

The new strategy was focused on reaching out to the previous visitors to entice them into returning to the website to buy the product, while also reaching an audience that is likely to be interested in this type of product, but isn't actively searching right now.

Key Results |  January – June 2019

  • Over 100% Increase in product sales via the website
  • +133% Increase in income via the website
  • 50% Reduction in admin time as more sales and enquiries come through the website
  • £20 Cost per enquiry

We have continued to work closely with the customer to react to seasonal industry changes while refining all aspects of the PPC campaign to continue to generate more sales while reducing the cost-per-sale.

If you would like to find out what leads we could generate for your business just contact our marketing team directly on or call 01925 755 960 and ask for Adam.

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Danielle Barrett

Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations

Danielle is our Head of Operations. Her role is to ensure optimal delivery of all products and services, paying special attention to value, quality, punctuality and of course, customer satisfaction.

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