Team insights: an interview with Adam on SEO and Digital Marketing

What do you wish was the one thing that people knew about SEO?

That it's often the best digital marketing channel for return on investment, even if it doesn't supply instant results, and that any long term strategy that relies on website visitors should include search engine optimisation.

What is the biggest project you have worked on?

There are a few that are all pretty big, but I'd say the work we do with Curtiss Wright is our biggest campaign. We are successfully ranking for hundreds of keywords globally, for 3 different websites, hundreds of products, all while tracking everything from downloads and user behaviour, through to goal conversions and landing page performance.

What is the best website you've worked on?

Either Mountain Goat's website or a supercar hire website I worked on several years go. They allowed me to get creative with content, and talk about some amazing topics.

What are the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis?

The ever-changing face of digital marketing. This is a positive and a negative! Strategies that worked a year, 6 months or even a month ago might not work tomorrow. Digital marketing requires you to be agile, open to innovation, and proactive in your approach, and although this can be challenging, it's a challenge I enjoy, one that allows me to scratch my problem-solving itch!

If you could make one recommendation on how people can get started with digital marketing, what would it be?

Get the basics right! Setting up Google Analytics, Google My Business listing, & Google Search Console are all important steps. From there making sure you're listed on all the big business directories, and getting the content on your website right should be a priority.

How do I know if I need SEO?

Ask yourself one question; why do you have a website? Your website is a digital showcase of your business and it's services or products, and more importantly, can turn visitors into leads or sales.... but it can't do this if nobody can find it. My favourite scenario to illustrate this is the lemonade stand. You wouldn't spend time making Home-made lemonade, making signs and getting cups ready, only to set up the stall in your attic. You would want it out where people are going to see it, where you're likely to get the most foot traffic. SEO gets your lemonade stand into prime position.

If you are struggling with how to get the best results from your digital marketing campaigns or where to begin with SEO, our team are happy to offer help and guidance. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through some options.

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