Team insights: an interview with Kerri on PPC and Digital Marketing

This month we take a peek into the world of PPC with our marketing executive, Kerri!

As a member of the paid search team, Kerri oversees the day to day management of the PPC campaigns for a number of our key clients. So we asked Kerri what PPC means to her and the benefits of digital marketing.

What do you wish was the one thing that people knew about PPC?

There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. PPC is a numbers game and that’s what makes it fun. BUT and please take note of this, PPC is not for everyone nor is it a magical platform that can wave a magic wand and save your company. I would argue until I’m blue in the face that Google AdWords is by far the most effective form of marketing out there, I mean who wouldn’t want their company to appear when someone actively searches for exactly what you are selling?

So, here’s the BUT. To advertise successfully on AdWords, you need to be selling a product or service that people actually want to buy and at a competitive price, and with a website or landing page that is appealing and feeds into a customer’s buying journey. Without any of these things, AdWords will not work for you.

Oh, and also you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert, you DO NOT pay for them to see it in the search results!

What is the biggest project you have worked on?

We have a few clients who I would say have very large digital marketing campaigns, however, I would say my biggest project was Tachodisc. Not in terms of scale as such, but in terms of the amount of hard work and time it has taken me to get them into a position where their adverts convert so well and at a good CPA. Anyone who manages Google AdWords accounts will know how utterly earth shattering it is when you inherit a messy account.

Re-building the structure is what takes the time, auditing the account takes several hours easily if done correctly and then implementing all of the changes has to be done in steps. If you do it all in one go you will disturb the built-up history and the performance will be pulled down even further. Honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of where Tachodisc are now compared to where they were. It proves that hard work really does pay off!

What is the best website you've worked on?

I’d probably say Mountain Goat. I love writing the content for their guided tours and the destinations that they visit. Who wouldn’t want to lose themselves in the thought of a quaint trip to arguably the most picturesque destination in England?

What are the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis?

I think the biggest challenge is getting people to understand the importance of digital marketing. Technology is a massive part of our lives now, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone, an Alexa, a tablet, or some other form of AI device. So why wouldn’t you be utilising online platforms to capture these people and convert them into customers? It is such an integral part of your business’s success!

If you could make one recommendation on how people can get started with digital marketing, what would it be?

Get the basics right and plan, plan, plan. This is the most important part of any successful digital marketing campaign whether it be social, organic or paid. It can make be the make or break of your online success. “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail” this is one of my all-time favourite quotes (thanks Benjamin Franklin). Planning provides you with a sense of direction and allows you to outline measurable goals and allows you to evaluate progress. So my recommendation would be to set out a clear plan, this can always be changed later down the line but you must start with a clear goal.

How do I know if I need PPC?

The popularity of PPC advertising has grown dramatically over the past decade, and if you are finding yourself in a situation where you are unsure if you need to be utilising the platform or not here’s just a couple of things, I would suggest you think about to determine if it’s right for your business.

Pay-per-click advertising is a highly effective way of driving new customers to your website, and as the name states, you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. PPC has the power to increase your brand awareness by 80% as well as helping you to bridge the gaps if your website isn’t showing in the organic search results. If your PPC campaigns are managed well it can be an extremely powerful marketing asset to your business.

But your company needs to be in a position to handle the boost that Google AdWords can give you. Your company needs to be able to cope with the additional business, limited resources and an already busy sales team will not be able to manage the influx. I would suggest improving these aspects first if you are finding your business in this situation.

If your business is in a position to take on the extra sales the next thing you need to decide is do you have enough investment? PPC is the fastest way to get your company to the top of Google, ads can appear in less than an hour and as long as you have a good website or landing page you will begin to see those leads coming through. However, without the correct budget, you will not be able to maintain a consistent presence on Google or Bing.

If you are struggling with how to get the best results from your digital marketing campaigns or where to begin with PPC our team are happy to offer help and guidance. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through some options.

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Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington

Digital Marketing Executive

As Dreamscape's digital marketing executive Kerri maximises her client's profits by developing creative and engaging results-driven marketing strategies.

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