Welcome to the team, Natalie!

We've had a few new additions to the team over the summer, let's get to know Natalie, our new digital marketing executive…

Tell us a little bit about yourself… 
I have been in the marketing industry for three years, after graduating from university with a degree in Fashion Promotion. I love planning trips away, and if you ask me about any Netflix series I'll probably say I've watched it!

What do you enjoy most about working in marketing?
I love how fast-paced it is! I'm always keeping up with new trends and taking inspiration from marketing stunts that big brands are doing. I'm competitive and work towards getting top results for my clients.

Can you think of a project or campaign you were really proud to work on?
I think my favourite project will always be my final campaign at university. I created an ASOS Kids campaign that collaborated with the LA Museum of Ice Cream. It was hard work, but a lot of fun to work on and gave me the chance to implement all the skills I'd learnt. 

What are you most looking forward to in your role?
I'm looking forward to working with a new client list, where I can come up with new ideas and utilise my existing skillset. Along with learning new skills such as Technical SEO. 

If you could work with any brand, who would it be and what would be the dream campaign to work on?
I would love to work with John Lewis on their Christmas campaign; I'm a sucker for Christmas and animated animals!

What is your dream holiday destination?
I would love to go to St. Lucia. I saw it in a movie when I was younger, and it has stuck with me ever since!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
I'm always out and about; I love going out for walks in the Lake District or going out for a nice meal with friends.

If you had 25 hours in a day, how would you spend your extra hour?
Definitely dedicating it to the gym, I'm always coming up with the excuse of not having enough time in the day!

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