The Benefits Of Using Magento 2 For Your E-commerce Store

There are many different products on the market that deliver e-commerce functionality, but why would someone choose Magento 2 over its competitors? This article aims to address the major benefits Magento 2 offers and why you should consider using it if you are looking to deploy an e-commerce website.

Improved Website Performance

The most important aspect of any e-commerce store is speed. Users are impatient and your store needs to be quick in order to achieve the best conversion rates. Luckily Magento 2 is geared up to deliver blistering speeds near enough out of the box and its architecture is focused on performance. It achieves this performance by:

Efficient core code - Efficient code powering the core system, reduces the server load, meaning your store can utilise the server resource more efficiently.

Leveraging the latest technologies - Magento 2 runs on the PHP programming language and is optimised for the latest and greatest version of it (version 7) – this in itself delivers huge performance and security benefits over older versions.

Clever Server Side Caching Technology - Magento 2 tries to minimise the amount of resource required by the server to serve content to the end-user, it does this by creating static files that are served to the users.

All these points result in reduced server load which means you get a quick site that can handle more traffic without breaking a sweat – which in turn should result in happy customers and therefore higher conversion rates!

Scalability of Magento 2

Scalability is important to consider when choosing an e-commerce package, think about where you want to be in 5 years – if the solution isn’t going to work for you then, should you implement it now? The obvious answer to this is “no”, spend time to find something that’s capable of growing with you after all, do you really want to migrate systems continually until you find the right solution? Magento 2 is scalable in all areas. You could easily set it up serving 100 products fulfilling 10 orders a week, and in 5 years when your product catalogue is in the 100,000’s fulfilling 700 orders a week, it will handle it without breaking a sweat!

Magento 2’s modular architecture ensures that the functionality can be scaled up easily too, this can be achieved with one of the numerous modules that can be bought, installed and configured. Or if the functionality is highly bespoke, custom modules can be handcrafted to meet your exact requirements.

Integration Possibilities With Magento 2

Magento 2 includes a powerful “Application Programming Interface” or “API” as they are more commonly referred to. This API means that the entities within the system; orders, customers and products can be accessed and managed remotely, meaning Magento 2 can be integrated into nearly any system.

Improved Checkout Process

The checkout process of any e-commerce store is arguably the most important part – it doesn’t matter how many products a user puts in their basket if they never get through the checkout process and part with their hard-earned pennies.

Magento 2 features a highly improved checkout process right out of the box, it’s predecessor Magento 1 had 6 steps in its checkout process, Magento 2 has done its research and in a very efficient and user friendly manner cut this down to 2 steps, and made huge improvements in the way in which guest checkout is implemented – which is a proven way to increase conversions.

Magento 2 is Mobile Friendly

Another really important factor when building an e-commerce store is to ensure it is built using a mobile-first approach. The reality is that more people will be using your website on a mobile/tablet device, so while the desktop version is important, make sure most efforts are invested in making sure the solution provides a great user experience across all devices. The good news is that Magento 2 is so customisable and it’s templating engine is so flexible, it makes it easy to implement a solution that achieves brilliant responsiveness.

Magento 2 is a huge improvement on its predecessor, the developers of the system took an already great e-commerce package and made each component better. When you mix all these improved components together the end result is amazing. If you are looking for your next (or even your first) e-commerce package, Magento 2 is likely to be a great fit for you. It should be given some serious consideration as you’ll find it difficult to get another e-commerce package that ticks as many boxes as Magento 2 does. If deployed correctly it can put down solid building blocks for the future of your e-commerce presence, as well as offering almost limitless possibilities in terms of integration and automation.

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Matt Lynham

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