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Kentico can be an extremely powerful tool but only when used correctly. As certified developers for the Kentico platform, we have the knowledge and understanding of how to expose its full potential to help your business excel in both efficiency and performance.

If we cannot achieve exactly what is required within Kentico's standard functionality, we have the ability to develop bespoke tools specific to your needs and requirements.

This can range from: 

  • Creation of a custom CRM


  • Integration with your existing CRM (i.e. Sage CRM, Salesforce or Dynamics CRM)

All CRM integrations can be fully customised to meet your requirements, we can do both full and partial integrations. A full integration involves us transmitting data between both the CMS and CRM systems. Whereas a partial integration we obtain required data from the CRM when we need it.

Full integration is the preferred choice of many customers as this ensures that all of your data is in-line and interacts between the two systems. The chosen level of integration is usually determined at the beginning of the project and we customise the implementation and ensure it is fully optimised.

The benefits of integrating your CRM system include:

  • Full centralisation of all contact form's submitted enabling faster communications with your customers
  • User registration processing entirely covered via your website all the way from payment processing up to the final user creation
  • All sales processed by the website can be pushed into the CRM, giving you the ability to create extensive reports between the CMS and CRM

These are only a few of the advantages that you can gain from a CRM integration. Bespoke tools can be developed to give you a much faster and better content management experience. The potential is massive and there is not many restrictions as to what we can do for your business.

As an example, one of our bespoke custom developments involved building a store locator with custom configurable regions. This tool was necessary for defining what area certain dealers could re-sell in. By setting perimeters on the interactive map, the territorial conflict between any other store's or supplier of the same nature was avoided.

Our custom-built tool has been given great feedback and the intricacies of this development was a major accomplishment for Dreamscape as it is the only tool in existence with the level of performance and usability for an end-user and editor.


What Custom Capabilities Does Kentico Have?

Kentico has an entire application set up to track any e-commerce value passing through your website and has the facility to create any bespoke report to suit your needs. Orders are all stored in one single repository so you can quickly see your latest orders and the items included. Email marketing can be entirely configured through Kentico which includes the tracking of email opens, click rates, and various other email analytic values.

All activity for your customers can be stored too which is very useful for discounts and general website conditions e.g, whether an element on a page is displayed or not to specific customer profiles or perhaps you may wish to reqard a customer with a discount for viewing 10 pages on your website, this can be easily done using the customer activity log and the various discount application's available in Kentico.

There are many different things that we can do to increase your website's proficiency further, i.e. individual stores for different regions, custom tax switching and all sorts of other custom functionality that you desire.

This doesn't even touch the surface of what else Kentico can provide and we will not stop at the basics. The vast majority of our clients will have an entirely bespoke solution with many custom application's developed and implemented for their purposes – The feedback we receive is almost always 100% positive too!

What we can offer is really up to you! The possibilities are endless!

About the author

Luke Manuel

Luke Manuel

Back-End Developer

Luke is Dreamscape's primary back-end developer and plays a key role in most, if not all client projects. Luke’s knowledge and passion for technology is undeniable and his commitment to finding the optimal outcome for clients, unequivocal.

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