What's Your Website's 0-60

Know, own and control your website performance.

If there is one thing business owners need to know about their website, it’s what their conversion rate is. Or in other words, how many visitors they need to generate a sale or a lead.

Most people know how many miles per gallon their car does, or what their 0 – 60mph time is. But if I asked you, what your digital marketing conversion rate is, you might not necessarily know the answer.

Business owners take my advice; this is a critical performance metric. It is the lifeblood of your business. It is a key figure you must know, own and control.

Influencing factors that increase your websites conversion rates:

  • Define your value proposition within three seconds
  • Accreditations and case studies give your business a trust factor
  • Present clear contact details and live chat options
  • Where possible create a human connection
  • Independent reviews and testimonials support your trust
  • Consider video

Often, changing your website’s conversion rates means you can gain more sales and leads without spending any more on advertising.

Remember, marketing works when you can clearly quantify the return and knowing your conversion rate is the first step towards growth.

Work with an agency that understands conversion rates and helps you define what it currently is and where it can be. It’s their job to guide you and give you suitable advice and guidance.

If you don’t know what your website’s current conversion rate is, give us a call or drop us an email and ask for a website performance health check.

About the author

Bernard McCabe

Bernard McCabe


As the company Director, Bernard's role involves setting goals and targets for Dreamscape's ongoing success. Bernard is continually looking at ways to improve the value and measurable returns that are offered to our clients, whilst also increasing Dreamscape's commercial performance.

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