6 Things You Need BEFORE Working With A Digital Agency

Having worked in both agency and in-house roles, I’d hope my experience has taught me a thing or two, particularly when it comes to how businesses work together. But how do you, said business owner, guarantee that you start any project off the right way?

The answer lies in a superb brief. Here’s what I believe you need to detail in order to kick start your journey:

1. Your Background – this doesn't need to be thousands of words, but outlining what success looks like and answering why you're looking to explore your said project is key.

Tell the prospective agency what problem you’re also looking to solve as it helps them to understand your expectations.

2. Your Objectives – this is massive and is as simple as answering “what does success look like for you in 6, 12 and 60 months’ time?”. What do you need to achieve to make this happen (revenue, business size, types of clients)? And, critically HOW do you see this happening?

Yes, digital is one area, but what else are you going to do? This helps the agency to understand your aspirations.

3. Your Services or Products – outline the “stuff you flog” and you can be as technical as you like. The more detail you give, the better the agency can research potential keywords, search volumes and online intent.

Essentially, this helps your agency understand your offering.

4. Your Ideal Customer – look at your existing client base, break them down and outline their services, their turnover, how many staff they have (if any), their location and even their job titles.

If it’s a new market and you’re unsure, just say. All of this helps the agency understand your target audience.

5. Your Competitors – this is a very simple one. Who are you trying to beat or who is trying to beat you? Or are you trying to emulate someone in your own way? Don’t fear this question and don’t say “we don’t compete with anyone”.

You do, but maybe not in the way you think. Answering this helps the agency understand your competitiveness.

6. Your Key Messages & Rational – imagine you walk into a room with your ideal client sat there and a few competitors behind you. What’s your pitch and why are you different from the crowd?

Answering this helps the agency understand your differentiator.

Providing detail on all 6 will give you a head start on your digital journey. And believe me, it helps your chosen agency respond to your brief with an ideal solution. Feel free to try it out.

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Adam Tilston

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