A Daily Lead Feed?

What difference would it make to your business if you had a daily delivery of high quality leads?

Businesses need consistent and reliable performance across all five areas of their operations and this is especially true of 'Sales & Marketing'. After-all, 'Sales & Marketing' is considered to be the 1st core business process:

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Accounting & Technology
  3. Quality & Product/Service Delivery
  4. Management, HR & Finance
  5. Product Development

So if 'Sales & Marketing' is considered the starting point for business success, why aren't more companies getting it right, investing more and growing bigger?

We do what we know best

The reality is that most businesses are started by people who are passionate about a product or a service that they specialise in. On that basis they are great performers at stages 3 and 5 of the core business processes.

Outside of these areas of expertise, most businesses choose to, or have to, bring in the experts.

Every business needs an accountant

Everyone knows that if you run a business, you need an accountant. It's mandatory – full stop – no questions asked.

Most businesses (unless they are a tech company) also understand that they need an IT provider to keep the computers running. If your computers go offline, then that's money lost – right?

HR? Well with so much legislation around employment, a business would be at significant risk if it did not have the relevant processes, procedures and insurance policies. Right – bring in the experts!

What about 'Sales & Marketing'?

As soon as we get to discussions around 'Sales & Marketing' previously perfectly logical business leaders start making truly weird decisions.

Before you know it, Dave from customer support is running the 'social media strategy' and Linda from accounts is doing the monthly 'newsletter'.

It's as if the number one top priority a business has to ensure is performing optimally at all times, gets kicked round the office from pillar to post with no serious strategy or budget applied.

What difference would it make for your business?

Imagine for a moment, what your company would look like if every day you received a delivery of high quality leads?

Each morning you would arrive to work and have a line of customers queuing up to buy your products and services. What difference would that make to you and your business?

Achieving consistent and reliable Sales & Marketing performance

The reality is, businesses have two options to get their 'Sales & Marketing' performance right:

  1. Employ specialised staff
  2. Outsource

Building your own 'Sales & Marketing' department

You'll need someone in charge. You'll need someone doing social media and perhaps they could also write content and produce email marketing campaigns. We'll need someone to do our Google advertising and that other weird stuff called 'SEO'. Then you'll need management processes, procedures, KPI reporting and budgets.... (puff of the cheeks)

Wait a minute...

Outsource your 'Sales & Marketing' Department

What if you could ask a specialised company who can do all of this stuff at a fraction of the price to deliver the 'Sales & Marketing' performance you need?

What if they were targeted to achieve consistent results that power your growth and profitability? What if there was no long term contract?

What if you really enjoyed working with them and especially counting the results they had achieved?

Are your ready to embrace 'Sales & Marketing' success?

If you hadn't guessed it, we're out an outsourced marketing department. Our whole business structure and service range is configured to deliver consistent, reliable performance to your 'Sales & Marketing' and most importantly of all, underline the return on investment we make for our clients day-in, day-out.

We've met hundreds of companies over the years seeking consitent 'Sales & Marketing' performance. It's for that reason we offer businesses a free digital marketing assessment and opportunity report that gives you the answers.

  • Zero-hassle and jargon-free report you can request simply by email
  • Identifies cost per lead/sale opportunities through effective digital marketing
  • Puts forward recommendations and opportunities to increase marketing performance
  • Highlights your competitor activities and their performance too
  • It's free!

Accessing your report

Here's a step by step breakdown of how to get your report:

  • To request your free report, simply send an email to marketing@dreamscape-design.co.uk 
  • We'll send you a link to a quick fact finding exercise (maximum 10 minutes of your time)
  • Once we know who your target customers and key competitors are we'll produce your report
  • Once your report is ready we'll send you a link where to can access it and watch a video from one of our digital marketing experts

What are you waiting for?

There's no strings attached. Just good honest advise and insight from a team of marketing professionals excited to help business leaders just like you. Of course, we'd be delighted if you wanted to have more conversations with us, but that's for you to choose.

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Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations

Danielle is our Head of Operations. Her role is to ensure optimal delivery of all products and services, paying special attention to value, quality, punctuality and of course, customer satisfaction.

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