Advertise To Competitor Traffic On Google

Did you know that you can advertise to businesses that are currently looking at your competitors?

That’s right. Google Advertising gives you an easy way to promote your business to your competitor's traffic at a relatively low cost.

Using custom audiences, Google allows you to target customers who have visited a competitor's website or have searched for their brand online.

There are two options when it comes to competitor targeting, text ads and display ads:

Text Ads

If you choose to target your competitors through text ads, you will need to generate a keyword list devised of both their branded terms and services/products.

Your competitors will be able to see you bidding on their brand so make sure your adverts are subtle and be careful not to add trademarked brands as this will not go down well with Google!

Display Ads

However, if text adverts seem a little too aggressive for your liking and you don't want to start a bidding war with a competitor, you can target them through display adverts without them even knowing!

By creating a custom audience in Google Ads, you can promote your brand to businesses that have either visited your competitor's website or are currently searching for them.

In doing so, you can present them with your superior service and start to gain more clients.

When implemented correctly, competitor targeting can give your business significantly more opportunities to gain new customers that were otherwise lost and provide a fantastic ROI.

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Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington

Digital Marketing Executive

As Dreamscape's digital marketing executive Kerri maximises her client's profits by developing creative and engaging results-driven marketing strategies.

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