Drive More Traffic To Your Business With Local Online Reviews

Getting online reviews for your business does more than just make your company look good online. If you have positive, 5 star, reviews then your business is going to look superior against your local competitors, especially if they have no reviews.

That's not all though. Your business will also look superior to Google, as it will show your website in search results if you have multiple positive reviews, rather than show a similar business that has no online reviews.

While Google reviews may not necessarily directly boost your local ranking, they are still incredibly helpful in improving other aspects that Google tracks, such as traffic and click-throughs.

If you place a focus on getting customer reviews, preferably 5 star reviews, then your business will rapidly gain credibility with both Google, and your potential customers.

Getting Reviews on Google My Business

A My Business page helps small business owners manage their online presence when appearing in Google searches. This means you can show potential customers everything they need to know without them having to visit your website, such as the address and contact details.

In terms of gaining Google reviews, you should start putting a system into place to naturally start receiving them. For instance, if you were the owner of a restaurant, you could train wait staff to ask customers to leave a review online.

Getting Reviews on Social Media: Facebook

Alongside Google reviews, Facebook reviews can also increase your business's visibility and traffic in Google searches. A great deal of consumers have been proven to check the social media pages of a company they're researching before buying their products, or using their services.

First impressions matter, and you want the first thing these potential customers see to be the positive, ideally 5 star reviews left all your other customers. Plus, you can reach a whole other audience of potential customers if someone gives your business a 5 star review on Facebook, and this then appears in their feed for their friends to see.

Google also takes Facebook reviews and adds them to your search results. So it's important that you don't neglect getting a good score.

Reviews From Third Party Sites: Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a global online review community, and is ideal for reviewing online businesses, in particular e-commerce websites.

Customers want to see reviews on unbiased sites, as they're then deemed more honest, which is where Trustpilot comes in. Essentially, Trustpilot is there to show and maintain your online reputation.

As the leading review platform for online shoppers, all e-commerce businesses should ensure that they are registered on Trustpilot to grow their reviews and online presence. Trustpilot reviews can also appear in searches next to your business, growing trust in your brand.

How To Get Your Reviews

If you've achieved, or are aiming for a high level of reputation for your business, another way to utilise social media is to make the effort to open a dialogue with your customers.

Try to talk with real customers, and hear what they think of your business and what their experience there was like. If it was a negative experience, then you can find out why to learn from any mistakes, and improve your business overall.

Customer communication is key to finding out how people really view your business, website, service, products, and everything in-between. If you're in need of online reviews, or just generally want to improve your online presence and aren't sure where to begin, feel free to contact our team today for a complimentary meeting.

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