Getting More Business For Your Venue From Your Blog

Blank page syndrome can affect us all.

It’s even more likely to happen when you’ve got a business to run, staff to look after, a bottom line to protect and customers to keep happy. At that stage you’d rather not have to think up content ideas for your blog.

It’s easy to dismiss as work not needed to be done. However, writing content is key to growing your business online. Just by optimising the content you already have on your blog or news section can increase traffic to your site. Recently, by adding keyword optimisation to a blog, we saw a 100% increase in organic traffic year-on-year.

If you’re just after some ideas of what to write then always consider your audience. What is it that drives them to travel to your area. If, for example, you’re a dog friendly hotel, why not put up some information about dog friendly walks in your area. If you’re a bar with craft beers, why not add some tasting notes to the website.

For the hotel, people will be looking for things to do in the area that they can do with their dogs, be that local pubs or walks that they can go on. If your hotel pops up while they are researching their break, there’s more chance of them taking a look around and booking.

If you’re the pub in question, you’re showing off your wares but also showing potential customers that you’ve got unusual stock in. Beer lovers, looking for craft pubs, are far more likely to turn up if they know you have far more on offer than some Greene King casks and Brewdogs in the fridge. You’re also far more likely to turn up in those types of searches.

If in doubt, always think about what your customers want. What interests them and what you offer that they need.

If you’re after some blog headlines then this headline generator can help.

When you want to actually build a content strategy around driving more people to your business, researching what they look for and ensuring that your messaging can gain more customers, we can help.

A blog can be more than just a way of adding fresh content to your site. It can drive conversions, create customers, make you stand out from the marketplace and bring more people to want to interact with you.

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