Picking The Right Social Platform To Grow Sales

Social media isn't for every business and some platforms are more valuable than others. Facebook is best for building a community, Instagram is best for e-commerce companies with great photography and an online shop, LinkedIn is best for career and industry insights and Twitter is best for topical and timely conversations.

Almost a third of the world's population are on the internet, compared to 20 years ago that is an astronomical increase that is only going to continue to rise with digitalisation.

When deciding which platform is worth investing your time in, there are a number of things to consider – your target demographic, what you want to promote and what you want to achieve.

There's no one size fits all when it comes to building your pipeline using social media, we want to give you the right tips in order to help you choose the social media platform that will help you to maximise engagement with your audience and grow your sales.


There's no denying that Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful social networks out there, it has 2.9 billion active monthly users and a vast proportion of the world's biggest brands and businesses are active on there.

Due to this huge number of people being active on the site, the likelihood of your target audience having an account on the platform is high. Facebook has a 'shop' feature allowing you to promote your sales catalogue on the platform and tag specific products in all the content that you share.

The platform has both organic and paid features, allowing complete control of how to reach your customers, with as little as £5 per day, you can increase your sales, boost your brand awareness and improve your ROI.

As well as being able to sell your products through the shop and advertising, the channel is ideal for giving your business a personality, increasing credibility and reaching your extended target audience through engaging content.


Although not as many as Facebook, the micro-blogging platform boasts of over 336 million active monthly users, becoming more and more popular each day.

The platform is known for being the place for conversation, it is very much about 'in the moment' marketing predominantly used to discuss current topics. It's a great channel that can help your business achieve a variety of objectives, from brand awareness to an increase in website traffic and sales.

Through the use of hashtags you are able to ensure that your posts including links to your website are reached by more people and those with an interest in what you are selling.

The platform allows you to use promoted tweets to boost your best performing sales message, allowing you to reach a wider audience or to spark engagement from your existing following.

Twitter allows you to monitor the activity of your competitors and distinguish yourself from them.


This is the B2B social media platform. It allows you to make connections in the business world, be referred to other businesses through your connections and increase your brand awareness and online presence. It can also be used to generate sales leads through advertising.

LinkedIn is used by industry professionals, graduates and in job searches from across the world.As of April 2018, LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries.

Although LinkedIn advertising is one of the more expensive methods of social media advertising, the features allow you to advertise articles, content and videos to specific, targeted job titles and industries. Their demographic selection is much wider than Facebook.

You can also increase your sales through organic means on LinkedIn, many users are members of industry specific groups – meaning there are a lot of potential customers in the one place. The groups allow you to engage with other users by answering group questions, promoting your business and receiving referrals from other members.


There’s more to Instagram than its easy-to-use photo editing tool, it has one of the most active and engaged user bases. The visual platform is doing more than just generating engagement, its also being used to drive sales.

The platform isn't just the “trendy” thing to do now, people use Instagram for inspiration and to discover more about their interests, which often includes content from brands and businesses.

When it comes to advertising, due to its use of hashtags, posts are easier to find and will ensure that your content is being seen by like-minded people. The engagement rate of the platform trumps all other social media channels.

With the release of Instagram stories earlier in 2017, you can now take Snapchat style videos and send them out to your followers with the option of them swiping up if they are interested in making a purchase.

Before you get started with increasing your sales through social media, you must remember to develop a marketing strategy to support the activity, it is vital that you can measure your goals in order to increase your return on investment

If you're unsure of where to begin with social media for your business, then contact our marketing team today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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