Increase Donations With The Help of Google Grants

Are you a hospice looking to reach new supporters but you don't have the spare finances to do so? Well, a Google Ads Grant might just be your golden ticket.

What is a Google Ads Grant?

Google Ads Charity Grants are available to registered non-profit organisations who match the eligibility criteria set out by Google. The grant is worth up to $10,000 USD (just short of £8,000 GBP) and can be used to help you create, target and optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

The money can be used for a wide range of goals such as recruiting volunteers, building awareness and increasing your financial support/donations and promoting events - all for FREE.


Who is eligible for the Google Ads Grant?

To qualify for Google non-profits you must be able to prove the following:

1. You hold valid charity status. The grants are not eligible for Government entities or organisations, hospitals, medical groups, schools or academic institutions.

2. Within the UK you must be registered with either HM Revenue and Customs or the Charity Commission for England and Wales as a charity organisation for tax relief.

3. You acknowledge and agree to all required certifications of the Google Grant.

4. You have a website that is active, functional and provides users with comprehensive detail about your non-profit organisation.

As you can imagine it's important that you provide accurate detail when applying for the grant as anything unclear will cause your application to be denied. I’m not going to lie it is a lengthy process, but with such a large grant available it's well worth it.

To no one’s surprise the grant comes with restrictions, we wouldn’t expect anything less. But we are confident through the use of researched targeted campaigns we can get your £8,000 to go a long way to increase donations to your hospice.

We are offering a free consultation service to all hospices about the Google grant so give me a call on 01925 755960 or email to discover what you could achieve with the help of a Google grant.

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Kerri Hannington

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