Mobile Advertising. The Key Driver Of Consumer Technology

The on-demand trend with consumerism shows fifty per cent of mobile users who do a local search will visit a store within one day. 18% of those will make a purchase. Mobile advertising can give you the power to see and buy, on the spot.

During this article we will explore why you should be favouring mobile advertising, and what you can do to help shape the mobile advertising ecosystem.

What Benefits Will Mobile Advertising Give To My Business?

Exposure: Using online banners and a PPC campaign provides you with the beginnings of a great sales funnel. The mixture of paid and organic rankings will plant the initial seed with potential customers. The more they see your company’s name the more reliable you become. It provides your brand with great exposure.

Discovery: Once potential customers are on your site, the trick is to keep them there. Consumers in the discovery stage are often looking for informative and helpful advice on your product or service. This can be provided by on-page content, blogs, and newsletters. This is your chance to prove to the visitor that you can solve their problem, and provide value without asking anything of them.

Consideration: At this stage, it is estimated that 75% of customers visiting your website are now ready to buy your brand. Competition is the key. It is crucial that you are providing the best possible information about your products or services as customers will be comparing you to competitors at this stage. Mobile advertising can keep these customers engaged even after they have left your site using re-marketing.

Conversion: Making the sale. You want the selling process to be as easy as possible for customers regardless of the device they are using. Information should be limited to what is critical for completing the sale. You may think this is the end of a customers journey, however, this is just the start. You now have the chance to build a lasting relationship that can be supported through targeted mobile advertising.

Support: Providing your customers with quality support and advice is a continuous process, one which can be supported using mobile-friendly chat-bots and messaging apps. One study showed that 80% of business thought they provided excellent customer service when in reality only 8% of customers agreed. Providing mobile-friendly support is an increasingly important factor in maintaining customer relationships.

Customer relationship: Relationships are now seen as the main goal of all transactions. Good customer relationships will lead to the next step of the marketing funnel, retention. Something which can be fostered using mobile advertising targeted at existing customers. This could be via mobile-specific search marketing, or adverts placed within an app.

Retention: Studies show it is 5x more expensive to replace an existing customer once they leave your marketing funnel. Tailoring your mobile advertising and newsletter campaigns can be the difference between a repeat customer and one who will leave. Mobile advertising is a great way to continue showing existing customers new lines or similar products to ones they have previously purchased.

The aim is to use mobile advertising to interact with customers continuously through the entire funnel. This can even be applied to customers who have decided not to make a purchase/use your service.

What Type Of Mobile Advertising Is Available?

Have you ever gone onto Facebook after looking at a clothing company only to see adverts pop up as you're scrolling? Mobile advertising is responsible. Not only will this provide you with a second chance for conversion, but it will also increase your brand awareness starting the entire sales funnel process again.

Mobile Video Ad’s

Studies have shown that one-third of consumers watch videos on a mobile device, and 53% of those people give it their full attention, unlike TV which stands at only 28%. Video advertising on platforms such as YouTube is also a fantastic opportunity to communicate your company story. It has been shown that 90% of consumers find product videos helpful and easily digestible.

Full-Screen Mobile Advertising

Typically displayed at transition points, full-screen mobile ads stay on the device screen until an option to exit is given. These ads are seen in a lot of apps, they are an effective way to grab the audience's full attention due to their size. However, negative user experience is sometimes associated if these ads are placed when in the middle of a task. In order to resolve this problem Native ads are a good alternative. They are designed and displayed within a natural flow of the app, therefore the ad does not interrupt the user’s experience.

Gamified Mobile Ads

Interaction with an ad can be a great way to let users test your product or service without buying it. Gamified mobile advertising is particularly successful in the gaming industry or with a mobile app. It allows engagement and trust in your product at a deeper level. Higher conversion rates are driven by gamified ads due to the length of interaction.

What Does The Future Hold For Advancements In Mobile Advertising?

If mobile advertising isn’t something you’ve already begun to adopt, you face a simple choice: Adapt or lose out. Adapting to trends is essential when it comes to marketing. Mobile phones are a target for an ever-increasing proportion of advertising spend, and have revolutionized business’ across the’s time to get on board!

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