SME Social Media Guide Step 2: Channels

Choosing your channels

As obvious as this may seem, it's still surprising how many businesses invest their time into specific social media channels before researching if their target customers are actually on there! A recent benchmarking report from B2B Marketing and Circle research (published 1st September 2015*), shows that:

76% of businesses use Twitter to promote their business, but only 24% perceive it to be effective, whereas 58% believe LinkedIn is effective.

Surely a better way to spend your time is to divide it proportionally to how effective that channel is to your target clients. As a basic rule of thumb:

B2C businesses should focus about 70% of their time to Facebook (a behemoth driving force to consumer purchases) B2B businesses should focus their time on LinkedIn (60%) and Twitter (25%).


Furthermore, the format of these posts is just as important. 'Cutting through the noise' is a term often used to describe the challenge of having your content noticed in the overcrowded world of social communications. Businesses and consumers are both looking for quick and easily digestible content that adds value to their decision making processes.

Video and infographics help you punch a hole through the noise, where-as a standard text update just gets lost in the crowd. If you have created a white paper on the merits of effective energy consumption in manufacturing, then grab people's attention online, by highlighting key factual points in an infographic on LinkedIn (which inadvertently links to your website).

This is is much more likely to grab peoples interest and is also easy to share. Want to promote your wedding reception facilities to the recently engaged? Invest in a promotional video with several testimonials which can go out over a number of weeks on Facebook.

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Nicola Gold

Nicola Gold

Digital Marketing Manager

Nicola’s role in the business is to manage our email and social media department.  As the lead on the planning and application of social media strategies she ensures we deliver quality campaigns that generate results.

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