SME Social Media Guide Step 5: Engagement


The best advice anyone can give you when it comes to stimulating engagement on social media is to avoid the blatant sell at all costs.

Rather, use social media to demonstrate your expert insight, knowledge and credibility. People value, respect and admire great advice. Demonstrate your credibility by offering some.

Why People Share

The fact of the matter is that no one is going to share content that does not boost their own credibility. Motivating factors for sharing content, are that it directly effects your own perceived value and worth, especially on B2B targets. The advice people give to others (which also includes what we share on-line) is a direct reflection of our own qualities and placement in the world.

Businesses and organisations won't want to share anything unless it is going to reflect positively on their own persona. Use this fact to your own advantage. Focus on answering questions or providing solutions to common problems your target clients face. Where possible refer others and at all times, sell less to sell more.

Top tips:

  • Assist where you can. Offer a helping hand and in doing so, demonstrate your credibility
  • Be as visual as possible. Choose infographics and video over simple text updates where ever possible.
  • Choose the right time and day to post in order to reach your target market (B2B / B2C).
  • Using fewer words is shown to increase engagement by close to 20%.
  • Just because you can use up to 140 characters doesn't mean you should.
  • Ask for input! Ask questions for responses.

Remember, quick and easy to comprehend visual formats have a much higher likelihood of being shared than written copy or links to larger blog articles. Your infographic may actually link through to a landing page on your website, but unless anyone clicks it – you'll never achieve your goals.

Good luck!


About the author

Nicola Gold

Nicola Gold

Digital Marketing Manager

Nicola’s role in the business is to manage our email and social media department.  As the lead on the planning and application of social media strategies she ensures we deliver quality campaigns that generate results.

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