So, You Think Your Business Can Survive Without Social Media?

So, you think you can survive without social media for your business? Are you sure?

Social media is no longer just a communication tool. Social networking has changed the way B2B companies interact with prospective clients and partners, and how they market their brand. With the right approach and strategy it has the power to positively impact your bottom line.

If you are a business owner and have not begun using social media to support your sales, you need to rethink your marketing strategy.

You want to go where your prospective clients are and market to them. Without social media you never know who is talking about your business – or even talking about your competitors. You may be surprised at the number of businesses who engage in conversation over social media every day. The only way your brand can reach out to them is by making your online presence known. You can't run before you can walk, so embrace it. You can't hide from the social bug.

Engaging with customers is our number one top tip to anyone who is using social media for business. It allows you to gain the trust of your audience, and provides your business with a voice.

Did you know social sharing can impact your search engine rankings? Google won't consider your website as important, which makes your site even harder to find. It sees people talking about you as a key ranking factor. It is vital that you include social networking as part of your SEO strategy.

Your business cannot survive without customer feedback and satisfaction surveys. A lot of customers and businesses will have their own blogs in which they can share information about products or services to their following. By ignoring social media you are missing a trick and ignoring these vital discussions.

Social media is not a fad – it's a necessity. Social platforms are a tool that fulfils a need – the need to express, communicate and market. Older marketing methods can increase website traffic, whereas social media can house your friends and followers under one home that are interested in your offerings these can then be turned into lead which will lead into sales.

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Danielle Barrett

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