The 3 Key Display Ad Metrics For Boosting Your E-Commerce Revenue

Advertising online, through social media or Google Display Network, can catch the eye and drive traffic to your website.

The important thing, with so many eyes and page impressions across the internet, is to ensure that your advertising spend is spent wisely. So we have put together some tips on how to get your brand in front of the right audience without burning through your budget.

1. Consider Where Your Display Adverts Are Appearing

Where’s your audience? It’s incredibly important that you pick the right type of advert for the right format, pitched at the right people.

A sponsored Instagram post, for example, needs a strong central image. It needs to feel like something somebody would put out on the website. Plus it needs to drive clickthroughs and sell your service to the right demographic. It will look very different from something that will work on LinkedIn.

2. Use Your Industry Knowledge To Focus Your Spend

It’s important to remember who is buying your product when you’re pitching your adverts. Every consumer is different, therefore one advert will not fit all. Expensive gifts, such as jewellery, are more likely to be bought by partners rather than the person they are for, regardless of how desirable the item is so your adverts must be tailored to your target buyer.

Use your in-depth knowledge of your customers to ensure your ads are appearing to the right demographics on social media. If you’re using Google Display Network use targeted keywords to ensure you are appearing in front of the right people.

3. Test, Test And Test Your Adverts Again 

Are your adverts performing as well as they should? How do you know? It’s easy when you see conversions coming in to just leave it running in fear of messing up what you’ve achieved.

We recommend testing and testing again though. Run two adverts with two different types of discounts on, either "3-for-2" or a percentage discount to see which works better. Send your customers to different landing pages to see improvements. We can also create A/B testing pages to test page variations for your website.

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Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington

Digital Marketing Executive

As Dreamscape's digital marketing executive Kerri maximises her client's profits by developing creative and engaging results-driven marketing strategies.

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