The Importance of Being Found Online

Getting your name out there is the key to success for any new business starting out.

Without exposure any new business will falter before it gets the chance to shine, and this is particularly true in the online marketplace. The internet is a leveller where many smaller start-ups can go toe-to-toe with established brands, and if they are innovative enough, David can beat Goliath. Many companies are realising just how much more affordable marketing your business can be online.

Traditional formats of marketing such as newspapers, direct mail, radio and television can cost tens of thousands of pounds, which normally rules them out for most new businesses.

Online however, pay per click advertising with search engines, banner advertising campaigns and email marketing run at a much more accessible level. With these methods of being found readily available on the internet, in most cases businesses can use smaller test campaigns to see what works for them, and then upscale the campaign as they see a return on their investment.

Many companies are realising just how much more affordable marketing your business can be online.

In recent years the breadth of the marketing opportunities available to businesses has expanded significantly, offering even more ways to get a company’s message or products in front of potential customers. Targeted advertising, such as being able to serve up adverts based on a user’s interests or browsing behaviour, even down to promoting products they may have seen on a website, is turning online advertising into an incredibly personal experience. When formulating a company’s marketing approach, it is important to consider all of these avenues, as well as other areas such as social media.

Some businesses may feel the nature of their business “isn’t exciting enough” or “worthy of being on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram” but as a way of engaging with an audience, it is essential.

Some aspects such as PPC (Pay Per Click) and display advertising can be tested, paused or increased depending on how they perform, but businesses need to understand how these channels factor in the buying process for a site’s users. Attribution modelling is important for businesses looking to be found online. Sometimes channels such as social media or PPC may not be driving the actual conversions or sales, however they serve as introducers to the brand or website.

Traditionally tools such as Google Analytics attributed sales and enquiries to whichever channel was used when the user converts, however many users will visit a site many times before finally committing to a purchase.

This is where being able to identify what gets a company’s website found in the first place is crucial for businesses. This additional knowledge can help smaller businesses to be more competitive and capitalise on areas where their business is being found, whether this is in organic search rankings, paid listings, display, email or social media.

So while there are many ways for a business to be found online, it’s the job of the marketing department or digital agency to analyse the various channels which allow people to find them. They can then adopt an approach which gives the business the best chance of being seen by potential customers.

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