To Hire or To Outsource,
That is The Question?

If you’re an aspirational business owner, then it’s likely that you’ll want to increase company turnover and profit. 

It’s at this point that focus turns to your marketing activities and for most SME’s, this leads to one key question: “Do I hire my own internal marketing team, or do I choose to outsource?”

Like most business owners I meet, deciding which option is best can be challenging. Only you can really decide which path to take; but to assist you in making the right call, I have detailed my impartial view of the pros and cons of both options.  


Essentially the “DIY” option. Will you hire through a recruitment agency or head on over to Indeed? Is the job spec right? What software, skills and experience will they need? Having your own internal marketing team can be highly beneficial, but often does present you with additional challenges to overcome too.


  • Time. A dedicated resource working full time on your marketing. 
  • Knowledge. Working day in day out in your business they will be fully immersed in your culture
  • Passion. Motivated and engaged employees live, breathe and drive your business forward.


  • Cost. Remember, as well as their salary, NI and pension contributions you will need to budget for recruitment costs, additional software, training, not to mention your own time too.
  • Skills. It is difficult to get all the technical marketing skills your business needs in one person or even a small team. You will also need to consider your own knowledge to performance manage them too.
  • Understanding. It can be challenging to see what exact results an internal team are delivering. Their ROI should be based on their total holistic cost to the business, plus advertising spend


Perhaps a simpler and more cost-effective way, is to outsource. Find a suitable provider, explain your business goals and let them do the leg work for you. A credible agency should be clearly presenting their performance targets and ROI calculations to you.


  • Your Time. You already have a lot of responsibilities, and there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to handle all the work that goes into a successful marketing campaign, hand it over to people that do.
  • Expertise. Gain access to a wide range of skills, often 2-3 different people can be working on your account through one monthly cost.
  • Results. With no office politics to consider, you can challenge them with hard questions and ensure they are accountable for their KPI’s.


  • Limited. You only get an allocated amount of time each month as they have other clients to look after.
  • Communication. Your time may be required to meet with or talk to the agency each month to keep the activities relevant to what is happening in your business.
  • Where to start. With an abundance of marketing agencies out there, where do you even start trying to decide which is the right agency for your business? 


In my opinion we often find that a blend of the two work really-well together. If you have a marketing manager in place but they don’t hold all the technical skills, an agency can bridge this gap and support ongoing progression without the need to worry about recruiting more personnel.

Agencies can also help when you are in a transition process, when you’re just not quite big enough to hire. Just outsource until you are - you never know they may even help you get there quicker!

At Dreamscape our monthly retainers are often compared to what could be an in house marketing exec salary. And we get that, on the face of it, a £1000 - £2000 retainer could be salary, but what you should remember is we never: phone in sick, take a holiday, go on maternity/paternity leave and every single month we work on your account regardless of whatever else is on our schedules. Plus, you get access to a full team of people with over 15 years of marketing experience through one simple fee.

If you would like to explore what an outsourced marketing team could provide you, have a read of our marketing page, meet our team, request a free report or book a chat with Adam to see what we could achieve for your business.

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Danielle Barrett

Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations

Danielle is our Head of Operations. Her role is to ensure optimal delivery of all products and services, paying special attention to value, quality, punctuality and of course, customer satisfaction.

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