Understanding The Competition

No matter what industry you operate in, every business has competition. And although you will already be aware that the competition exists, you may be underestimating just how much influence they have in your market.

Understanding your competition is extremely important, knowing what marketing efforts they are doing and how they operate is very helpful in outlining what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Every business owner thinks their product or service brings something different to the table, after all, your blood, sweat, and tears have gone into its making. So why wouldn’t everyone else see just how great it is?

You can’t expect someone to buy something they know nothing about.

We live in a world where you only need to click on a browser or an app before adverts are popping up in front of your face. Some brands you know and some you don’t, and some follow you around the internet for days or even weeks after.

So, with so much choice already out there, how do you get the attention of your target market and beat the competition?

1. Find Out Who Your Competitors Are

The key to understanding your competition is to learn about them! It sounds simple but approaching your competitors with the right questions can give you more information than you might think.

Obviously, they aren’t going to spill their business strategy to you, but it is possible to get some high-level intel. Doing this research will also help you to determine which businesses are direct competition, and which are indirect.

You will need to consider both types when planning a business strategy as it will ensure you have an edge over others in your industry.

2. Understand Their Marketing Strategy

Observing your competitors’ marketing strategy is a great way for you to measure the strengths and weaknesses within your industry, it also allows you to use the information you have gathered to your advantage. There are a few easy ways to gain insights into your competitors’ strategy:

• Search for them on Google

• Subscribe to their newsletter

• Follow them on social media

• Look out for re-marketing ads

Studying your competitors marketing strategy allows you to highlight what differentiates you and them. It allows you to fully understand who your customers are, what they want and how you can help them.

Just make sure that you are always offering value to your customers. This usually goes beyond just providing high-quality products or services. Understanding your target audience’s problems, buying patterns, and expectations of your brand will help refine your own marketing strategy.

3. Get Ahead!

Beat your competitors to the punch. Get out into the marketplace and get your brand known. Take action, test the water and monitor the results.

We live in a world where customer demand is increasing, technology is thriving and the expectation for you to keep up is accelerating. In order to be successful your company must be prepared to adapt to changing times.

Keeping your foot on the pedal and being active instead of reactive within your industry, should give you enough leverage over your competitors to win new business and hopefully retain it.

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Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington

Digital Marketing Executive

As Dreamscape's digital marketing executive Kerri maximises her client's profits by developing creative and engaging results-driven marketing strategies.

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