Using Social Media To Make Your Venue More Discoverable Online

Learn how to utilise social media to help make your venue easier to find online.

Social media can be an asset to any business, particularly the hospitality and leisure industry. This article will delve into the details of how it can help make your venue easier to discover online. Utilising your social media accounts to showcase your venue's most popular or biggest events; weddings, conferences, etc. can appeal to a wider audience than your current following, and increase awareness of your venue and brand.

Link all of your posts to your website

Make it easier for customers to reach to your website by linking each and every one of your posts on social media, making sure the links are relevant to the post. For instance, if you post a tweet about weddings, ensure that the link you include takes them to your wedding booking/enquiries main page. If you've pinned an image to Pinterest, make sure that you pinned it directly from your website rather than manually uploading it, so that it links to your website.

Use hashtags

Almost every social media platform currently uses hashtags, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Be sure to include relevant hashtags with everything you post when you're showcasing your own venue, including a hashtag of your venue's name, so that more people can find you. You can also find former and potential customer's posts via a hashtag relevant to your venue, and join in the conversation with the people that are interested in this topic, for example #weddingvenues.

Host competitions

Hosting competitions on a regular basis can be an excellent way to promote your venue via social media, especially if entering involves liking your business's Facebook page, or sharing the competition post. No matter how big or small the competition is, including an element of social sharing should increase your social engagement and interaction by a fairly large amount, as your post will then also appear in your followers' friends' news feed, increasing your overall audience.

Promote posts & advertise

Promoting your venue via Facebook advertising is another way to reach a larger audience than your current following. You can even target specific demographics and groups of people. With Facebook advertising, you can also link it with your Instagram account so that your ad will show on both social platforms at once. Facebook advertising is an affordable way to promote your venue and can be done on a limited budget, although of course, the more money you invest in your ads, the more people you will reach.

Post often

Last but not least, ensure that you post quality content on a regular basis on all of your social media platforms. You won't attract new followers, or engage with your current followers, unless you have content that they want to see and talk about. Be sure to also include high quality images, including those that attendees of your venue have posted and shared on their own pages, and yours by tagging you. Posting on a regular basis not only gives you the opportunity to appear more often in your followers' news feed, but also establishes a better rapport and connection with them.

If you're not sure where to start with increasing your social media following and interaction with your venue, then we're here to help! Our experienced social media team can take the stress off your hands and get your venue on the map, literally! So contact us today.

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Nicola Gold

Nicola Gold

Digital Marketing Manager

Nicola’s role in the business is to manage our email and social media department.  As the lead on the planning and application of social media strategies she ensures we deliver quality campaigns that generate results.

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