Where to start when looking for a marketing agency.

How frequently have you asked yourself: I know I need to market my business, but where do I start? You’ve never had to promote your business before, as ‘business’ has always been generated through word-of-mouth. You’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly about working with marketers, yet you simply don’t have the time – or the budget – to hire someone full time. Ultimately, you need leads or sales NOW, and you want full visibility on all activity to ensure you’re getting the very maximum from your investment.

Finding yourself in this position can’t be easy; and for that reason, we’ve pulled together a guide on where to begin when looking for a marketing agency.

Before you start searching for that perfect agency, ask yourself these 3 questions: 

  • Do you want your desired agency to handle all marketing efforts, leaving you to focus on the core business and what you do best? If yes, great, it’s business-as-usual! If no, ensure you outline what you expect from them, what activities you will be managing and/or signing off to maintain control. 
  • How much time can you allocate to the digital agency on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis? You may be happy for them to get set and go! But from time-to-time, no matter which agency you decide to go with, time is required to discuss your target audience, your messaging, upcoming campaigns, monthly reporting and – dare we say it- budgets. So, check your diary to recognise pockets of free time.
  • What type of agency are you wanting to work with? Agencies range in all sizes, locations and can offer different qualities. Some are situated in the city centre but specialise in email, Google advertising, social media or offline marketing. Whilst others may be local - or even out in the sticks - yet can provide you with a range of digital marketing services all under one roof! Decide how far you’re willing to travel to meet them and how big of a team you require. 

Now you know what you’re looking for, you can start to narrow your initial search and find an agency that’s going to meet your needs as well as deliver on results - rather than just reaching out to the first top 5 that appear on Google!

Do your research 

Check the agencies online presence and activity. It may give you an insight into whether they care about their presence more than yours, or whether they’re simply so focused on yours, they don’t even have time to market themselves!

Read case studies found on their site and reach out to those who recommend them. It’ll give you an insight into how the team helped other small businesses, just like yours!

Look to see if they have won awards. This will determine the quality of the work they produce as a team. Alternatively, if you know which digital marketing service you would like to utilise, check out the LinkedIn profile background of the person responsible for working on your account, their qualifications, and recent accomplishments.

Meet the team

Arrange a meeting to go and visit the agency. By doing so this will benefit both parties; it will allow the agency to better understand your business, your marketing objectives, your target audience, any timeframes and budget.

Whilst you’ll be able to visit their offices, get a feeling for who they are, what they’re about, they’re culture and what they could do for you.

Request a FREE proposal or audit

To better understand the opportunity available to boost leads, sales and your business performance, simply request a proposal from each of your chosen agencies. The proposal will outline what marketing activities the agency consider the best fit for your business, it will also provide you with an estimated number of leads and sales based on the brief and business background you share with them in the initial meet and greet.

By now you should have everything you need to know about the agency you choose. If you would like to arrange a meet and greet with the team to discuss how we could support and develop your business, simply complete the form (to your right), to get your FREE no obligation marketing assessment or call 01925 755 960 and ask for Adam. We’ll look forward to meeting you soon to hear all about your business!

About the author

Nicola Gold

Nicola Gold

Digital Marketing Manager

Nicola’s role in the business is to manage our email and social media department.  As the lead on the planning and application of social media strategies she ensures we deliver quality campaigns that generate results.

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