Using Integration to Increase Sales & Reduce Overheads

If you want your B2C or B2B e-commerce business to achieve consistent, sustainable and profitable growth, then you need to be thinking 'integration'.

Unifying data across your operational systems (accounting, CRM, ERP etc...) and your sales channels (website, in-store, Amazon, eBay etc...) is going to make your business lean, mean and set for success.

The fact of the matter is that integration leads to automation and automation is a key characteristic of a successful, scalable and profitable business.

Businesses that unify data across their sales and administration touchpoints are going to deliver a better experience to their customers whilst at the same time driving down administration waste.

So let's explore some typical examples:

Integrating your accounts platform to your e-commerce website.

Let's say your business uses Sage 50 to manage its accounts and that you sell products in-store and through your website.

If you have not integrated your Epos and E-commerce platforms to your accounting software, then you're left managing business-critical data (customers, sales, stock) multiple times. Ultimately this repetitive data entry will squash your ability to compete, grow and prosper.

What if these platforms talked to one another? What if stock values were automatically updated across telephone sales, in-store sales and online sales? What if all your financial data was updated in real-time 24/7?

What difference would this integration make to your business?

Integrating Your Website to Amazon & Ebay 

Let's say you sell direct through your website and you're also selling on Amazon and eBay.

Unless you have integrated these platforms then you're at risk of spinning too many plates, managing data across multiple channels.

What if all these sales channels were managed on one central platform? What if you could allocate unique pricing and stock levels for each sales channel, just from your own website?

What difference would this make to your business? How much admin time could you save each day, each month, each year?

These are just a few example applications of how integration can help your business to innovate and automate and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The world of integration may sound complex and seem out of reach for many SME's, but the reality is quite the opposite. Virtually all contemporary e-commerce, CRM and accounting platforms offer integration opportunities through API's, which is a funky three-letter initialism that basically means, 'this can talk to your other systems and make your business better'.

If you would like to explore ways that your business could benefit from integration, then let's get together to talk about the possibilities.

About the author

Bernard McCabe

Bernard McCabe


As the company Director, Bernard's role involves setting goals and targets for Dreamscape's ongoing success. Bernard is continually looking at ways to improve the value and measurable returns that are offered to our clients, whilst also increasing Dreamscape's commercial performance.

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