NFP Transformations

Helping .org leadership teams
transform online performance

Need to improve digital donor journeys? Want to increase revenue streams, service quality and membership value? Struggling to engage with supporters and manage mounting admin? What if there was a better way?

Reduce wasted time and money from your admin processes by introducing automation

Reallocate resources to improve supporter engagement and service delivery

Exceed the expectations of donors and members by delivering a vibrant digital strategy

What if you used digital technology to reform to your organisation's performance?

Achieve positive change

Dreamscape has over 15 years of experience helping NFP organisations innovate and achieve positive change. Supporting membership and fundraising teams we increase reach, engagement and retention levels. By integrating technologies, we enable automation to streamline marketing and operational performance.

Increase revenue streams

Use technology to drive new e-commerce, e-learning and e-membership opportunities.

Take control of rising admin costs

Tackle rising donor and membership support costs by introducing self-serve functionality.

Centralise data management

Improve service delivery and process efficiency by sharing data across multiple departments.

Automate the mundane

Eradicate the burden of registrations, renewals, donations and event bookings with automation.

Future-proof your .org

Use innovative digital technology to achieve your strategic business plan.

Exceed expectations

Deliver an engaging and vibrant online experience to your supporters.

Lara Partridge

Lara Partridge

Director of Income Generation and Marketing

St Rocco’s Hospice

"Dreamscape is a crucial partner for St Rocco’s Hospice. They have helped us to shape, implement and maintain a successful digital strategy, which ultimately equates to increased revenue for the charity."

Carolyn Wheatley

Carolyn Wheatley



"Dreamscape has helped us to reach and engage with a nationwide audience through our website. Their proactive support helps our executive committee continually achieve their objectives."

Ray Perry

Ray Perry

Chief Executive Officer

National Pawnbrokers Association

"As a professional association, our website is a crucial component in our marketing and communications strategy. Dreamscape continually exceeded our expectations and are considered a keynote partner to us."

Our approach to your transformation

One size does not fit all, and no two NFP organisations are alike. That's why we tailor our work to the exact intricacies and nuances for each client.

Preparation and planning are critical to success, so all projects undergo extensive scoping and specification stages to secure optimum outcomes.

Working alongside key stakeholders and user groups, we listen to the goals clients aspire to achieve and understand the challenges they need to overcome.

Using this knowledge, we seek ways to extend functionality to achieve operational efficiencies, commercial objectives and ultimately, your satisfaction.

Cherry Blossoms.

Transformational technology

To achieve outstanding results, we use exceptional technologies that deliver unrivalled performance.

Specialising in Kentico and Umbraco development, our technologies are versatile, scalable and extend functionality across content, commerce and marketing applications.

Increasing website functionality through API integration, we connect with back-office CRM, fundraising and membership management systems to provide sweeping operational reform.

Defending your data from the increasing threat of cybercrime, we ensure our web technologies are free from vulnerabilities and safeguarded against compromise.

  • Umbraco
  • Kentico

Why choose us?

  • Bespoke solutions crafted to
    achieve key commercial objectives
  • Cyber secure technology to
    keep your data safe and compliant
  • Credible partner with over
    15 years experience in the NFP sector
  • Vibrant digital strategies to
    attract, engage and retain
  • Experienced project and
    accredited development teams
  • Dynamic service delivery to
    drive revenue streams
  • API integrations to
    automate operational administration
  • A team you can trust that's
    focused on your satisfaction