Lived in Hong Kong

Has a tattoo of his dog, Mona

Climbed Snowdon

Loves old sci fi tv shows

Plays dungeons and dragons

Josh Robins

Digital UX Designer

Josh is the Lead Creative at Dreamscape, and responsible for the creative output. Josh's main focus is to oversee the project design phase, liaising closely with clients and internal departments.

Utilising the latest UX techniques Josh creates inspiring interactive UI experiences that impress, engage and convert. Whether it's new software solutions to create designs, or challenges in how to serve the end-user, learning how to deliver designs that deliver business goals is what Josh finds the most exciting within his role.

When Josh isn't at work he can usually be found painting, building or designing something, he also likes to get out and go hiking, go to loud gigs and spend quality time at home with his dog. 

What is usability and why does it matter?

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Josh Robins

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Josh Robins

User Experience

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