Digital Transformation

Embrace the new world

Like it or loath it - We live in a connected world. Big brother is a reality and it is here to stay. Brands are constantly profiling us in order to deploy an engaging experience when you interact with them.

As we continue to jet-set toward 2020, things are not going to slow down. How we shop and interact with brands is set to continue even further toward a fully digitalised and engaged relationship.

I expect that by 2020, we are likely to have a personalised shopping experience, or guided tour, by that brands ‘digital customer experience team’.

“Welcome Bernard – How have you been? We’ve not seen you for 5 weeks – How are the slippers you bought last time you were here? We have some new shirts in your size on offer – just 50 yards on your right – should I guide you there now?”

You might be reading this in horror, or possibly disbelief – but I fully expect this to be a reality very soon. What is important to realise, is that a personalised marketing strategy is not only achievable by big brands.

At Dreamscape we’ve had the vision and foresight to see this change coming and we’re here to offer forward thinking technology to SMEs. Your website should be more than a WordPress theme – it must be at the vanguard of your business development strategy and we can help you make that step-change.

If you’re interested in finding out how your business can deliver a personlised digital marketing experience for your customers, then give us a call and drop by for a coffee.

We are an approachable, reputable and experienced web development agency that your brand can grow with.

Bernard McCabe

Bernard McCabe