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How to guide: Updating your content and adding images through Kentico

We had the chance to catch up with Luke, our technical web developer this week. One of Luke's roles involves helping our clients update their website on a day-to-day basis as well as offering support with any technical issues.

Most of our clients use our support help desk to report any issues or request updates they may have.

At Dreamscape our website platform of choice is Kentico; an extremely powerful digital marketing platform suitable for organisations with big ideas and comprehensive requirements.

A large volume of requests we receive are for updating content or images on Kentico. Therefore we asked Luke to put together a “how to” guide to help you get on your way, allowing you to make more of your support tickets:

Step 1: Log into Kentico with your username and password.


Step 2: Navigate to the pages section on your Kentico dashboard.


Step 3: Click the + sign to expand the list of pages out and find the page you would like to update.


Step 4: To update content such as text or images you need to be on the “form” tab.


Step 5: Navigate to the area you would like to update. Please be aware, if you are updating images you need to ensure that the image you are uploading is resize to the image dimensions specified for Kentico. Image size 1920px x 660px


Step 6: Press the green save button to the left of the page.


Step 7: Preview on the “Page” tab to see your changes.


We asked Luke if he had any top tips:

  • Images should be sized correctly as per your website
  • Spellcheck (use tools such as Grammarly)
  • Check formatting is correct

Keep an eye out for our next how to guide from Luke, and the team! We're going to be building on our support log to ensure you have every option to self-serve. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see here.

Danielle Barrett

Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations