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3 Ways to Increase Recurring Fundraising Revenue

Having a regular monthly donation program is key to a charity’s success.


Every one-off donation is appreciated, but having a consistent funding stream plan is the best way to ensure a constant influx of support from dedicated donors. 

Monthly givers are valuable because they are a reliable source of income that recognise the importance of your cause. However, it’s always good to analyse how your charity can convert one-off donors or increase current monthly donors. 

Here are our top three recommendations: 

Segment Your Communications for Monthly Donors

Monthly supporters need to be treated differently from your other donors. The best way to do this is to segment your communications with them. Whether via email, post, or phone call, you can tailor a specific message to them to continually celebrate their importance and maintain the relationship you have that will keep them engaged.  

Start by segmenting their email addresses onto a separate email list. You should do this to avoid sending out mass communications that don’t necessarily apply to them. For example, if they are a monthly donor, sending an email asking them to give monthly will be a wasted communication and may even irritate them. You have to show you’re paying attention to their interaction and what they are doing for your cause. 

Increase gifting levels

Monthly donors already believe in your cause and are dedicated to helping, so use that knowledge to your advantage. You can be grateful for the help they are currently offering with their recurring donation and still raise the topic of increasing their monthly gift. However, you have to do it correctly.

Suppose we take the example of a distant friend messaging you out of the blue after months or years of no contact. They ask for a favour without catching up or asking about you; how would it make you feel? 

Sometimes it can feel like this for monthly donors. A monthly giving program needs to be give and take. If a supporter donates, you send a thank you email or letter, and then the next contact they have is you asking for money; it could leave them feeling less inspired to take action.

Donors want gratification for their gift; it could be a simple thank you or continued communication about how their donation is helping your cause. But always maintain the relationship before sending a second ask to a recurring donor. You can do this by sending an update email about how their monthly donations are helping and what the next goal is that the donor can help you work towards. 

Ask monthly donors for feedback

What better way to communicate with your donors than asking for feedback? After every interaction with your donors, you can ask their thoughts to help you keep them happy and retain their monthly donations. Don’t be scared about making contact; your monthly donors are already supporting you, you don’t have much to lose by asking them some questions. Plus, they will feel honoured you value their opinion. In other words, make surveys part of your engagement communications plan. It’ll give you awareness of what can be improved for new potential recurring donors and retain them too. It also gives you access to testimonials that you can use to encourage others to become regular supporters. 

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